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heroes season3 ep1-ep25

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Episode 1 - The Second Coming:
After a look into the future, Nathan's shooter is revealed. Matt chases him and winds up in a desert. Hiro receives an important message from his father. Sylar visits Claire. Maya gives Mohinder an idea for his research. Nathan recovers and get's a visit from Linderman.
First aired: 22nd September 2008 LZGYEIWY

Episode 2 - The Butterfly Effect:
Sylar goes to the Company and inadvertently releases 12 super-powered criminals while Claire learns more about her powers. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando travel to Paris to track down the speedster who robbed them.
First aired: 22nd September 2008 65ZV5O8H

Episode 3 - One of Us, One of Them:
HRG gets a new partner, Hiro and Ando track Daphne to Germany, Tracy Strauss searches for answers about Niki, and four new villains are introduced. HLFS5YDZ

Episode 4 - I Am Become Death:

Peter adapts a dangerous ability in order to save the world, HRG gets rid of his partner, and Hiro and Ando want to find out who hired Daphne. UBSEGMHL

Episode 5 - Angels And Monsters:

Matt catches a glimpse of the future, Claire closes down on her first villain, but so are others, Peter finds that his visit to the future has changed him, and Hiro and Ando try to bond with Daphne. TJJSXANU

Episode 6 - Dying of the Light:

Villains Knox and Daphne are on a quest to recruit Hiro and others to the Pinehearst fold. Angela and the Company are paralyzed from recent events. Peter goes to Pinehearst searching for answers but is stunned to learn who the founder is. Claire and Sandra go on a mission to save Meredith from the clutches of Doyle, a villain with abilities to control people mentally and physically. Nathan and Tracy try to trace their origins with Mohinder's help. C5B7BRO9

Episode 7 - Eris Quod Sum:

Tracy and Nathan try to save themselves from a dangerous Mohinder who is no longer in control of himself. Sylar is given the task to save Peter from a rival company. Daphne is ordered to kill or be killed. Hiro is still searching for answers. KIB0CM7F

Episode 8 - Villains:

Hiro attempts to delve into Arthur Petrelli's past to uncover the mystery behind him creating a rival company Pinehearst and his hatred towards Angela. Sylar stricken by guilt tries to stop his murderous ways with HRG and Elle vying for his blood. Meredith's training goes up in smoke with the arrival of her brother. YTKWC29V

Episode 9 - It's Coming:

Nathan learns of his father's plans, while Flint and Knox launch attacks on Hiro, Ando, Peter, and Claire. Meanwhile, Matt tries to revive Angela, Sylar meets with Elle, and Mohinder begins testing of his newest superpower formula. YFXPLY6D

Episode 10 - The Eclipse : Part 1

The dark eclipse plays havoc with the heroes' powers. Arthur orders Elle and Sylar to bring in Claire. Hiro, Ando, and Matt follow Daphne to her hometown to learn what hold Arthur has on her, and Peter and Nathan travel to the Haitian's hometown to recruit him for the war with Pinehearst. AEZ1UD9X

Episode 11 - The Eclipse : Part 2

The eclipse continues to create chaos. Sylar and Elle face HRG's wrath.
Peter, Nathan and the Haitian go up against Baron Samedi. Ando, Sam, and Frack try to help Hiro with his memory loss. OZFR70MQ

Episode 12 - Our Father

Hiro and Claire unite in their bid to stop Arthur by traveling back in time. Peter and the Haitian must face Sylar in order to get to Arthur. A4WWSWMD

Episode 13 - Dual

Nathan and Peter face off, and Nathan makes a move with far reaching consequences. Sylar takes desperate measures at Primatech and the fates of several heroes hang in the balance. Ando, Matt, and Daphne continue their quest to save Hiro. KFSKSGB0

Episode 14 - (Volume Four: Fugitives) A Clear and Present Danger

After the battle between Pinehearst and Primatech, Pete, Claire, Matt, and Daphne try to live normal lives, while a powerless Hiro tries to teach Ando how to use his new special ability and become a superhero. However, Claire discovers Nathan's plan to track down those with abilities. HYW2P6HD

Episode 15 - Trust and Blood

Our heroes truly become fugitives, and they are on the run from one of their own. Sylar begins the search for his father, and Matt's paintings reveal a dark fate. YHVT4QH0

Episode 16 - Building 26

As the President begins to investigate Nathan's activities, Sylar prepares to find his father. Hiro, Ando, and Matt travel to India to find a new ally, and Claire faces her father's wrath to protect a new friend. 36BXYDEH

Episode 17 - Cold Wars

HRG and Matt are thrust into a series of mind games to uncover the truth about Nathan's plans. Peter gets to meet The Hunter in person. ICW3T3S6

Episode 18 - Exposed

After a tip from "Rebel", Matt and Peter hurry to rescue Daphne and find evidence that may expose the government's plans to capture those with powers. Sylar uncovers the truth about his mother from past memories on his father, while the Hunter hatches an explosive plan of his own. J75ZEG88

Episode 19 - Shades of Gray

Sylar finds his father at last, Claire must decide whether to help a sworn enemy, Danko digs into the secrets of the Petrelli family, and Matt must find a way out of an explosive situation. XCY99J6A

Episode 20 - Cold Snap

The identity of "Rebel" is revealed. Noah wants Danko to let Tracy go in the hope that she will lead them to Rebel. Hiro and Ando continue with the mission that Rebel entrusted to them, to keep the new hero safe. YOC4ALVO

Episode 21 - Into Asylum

The heroes try to mend their broken relationships as Nathan and Claire seek refuge in Mexico and Peter and Angela hide out in a church. Danko's bid to wipe out the superpowered population intensifies as he unites with a surprising new ally. IXQ18J1D

Episode 22 - Turn and Face the Strange

Someone close to Danko is put in the line of fire as he spearheads the anti-superhuman operation. Meanwhile, Noah's marriage continues to crumble while Hiro and Ando continue their journey to save Matt. Angela faces some demons from her past. C3JBTU5F

Episode 23 - 1961

Angela uncovers the dark secrets of her past, while Mohinder learns of his father's involvement in a forgotten government operation. GWO3PPWQ

Episode 24 - I Am Sylar

Sylar, still engaged in an unlikely alliance, faces an identity crisis as his newest power begins to affect him in strange ways. Hiro and Ando try to bring down Building 26 as Matt grapples with fatherhood. Nathan begins to unfold a plan to to set things right. ZB7YPLJ4

Episode 25 - An Invisible Thread

Nathan tries to prevent Sylar from meeting the President. Sylar has his own agenda regarding his partner. Hiro finds there are consequences that come with the return of his powers. FVVXYP5I

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